2019 TRENDS 

Here at Olivia Alexandra Interior Design we are looking to the year ahead for inspiration for our up-coming projects. Below are a few trends which are getting our creative juices flowing…

  1. Pantone colour of the year

Living Coral 16-1546 – Found mainly on the sea bed off the coast of some exotic island or painstakingly crafted into precious jewellery, this enthusiastic and joyous colour has been announced as the Pantone colour of the year 2019, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Used sparingly this spring-inducing hue, with its warm, golden undertones, has the ability to make any scheme pop. Now we aren’t suggesting you encase your home in this tantalising colour however, subtle uses here and there will enhance an ambiance of playful expression while remaining on trend and elegant.  Cushion pipes, floristry or coral accessories are easy ways to incorporate the colour into any room and can be swapped-out for something different when the time is up. If you are brave enough to make more of a commitment, then leading edges on curtains or a coral velvet upholstered sofa would be the ultimate statement piece in any living room.  Warwick do a fantastic parred down option called Paprika in their Plush Velvet range or, if your budget allows, Dedar do a sumptuous silk velvet in their Romeo and Giulietta collection aptly named Corallo.

2. Fluted glass cabinet fronts

Now this is something which we are very excited about and hope to incorporate into one of our projects very soon. Usually befitting for a mid-century modern kitchen space, fluted glass adds a wonderful layer of texture to any joinery and works beautifully with natural materials. Due to the semi-opaque nature of the glass, you can still create the sleek and contemporary look which plain glass provides, but without revealing the entire content of your cupboards. Burbidge can incorporate fluted glass into their kitchen designs or, alternatively most specialist glass suppliers will be able to assist with your needs. www.burbidge.co.uk

3. Sculptural furniture

2018 proved a pivotal year for furniture design as our tastes moved away from over-fancy, intricate pieces to ones which are bold in form. Although furniture designers, such as Kelly Wearstler, have spearheaded this movement for many years now, it is only recently that we have seen it emerge onto the Highstreet.  The modern and sculptural essence of this type of furniture is both visually impactful and creates a statement almost instantly. West Elm’s Crescent Swivel chair is our point exactly. Pair this with Porta Romana’s Large Static lamp in burnt silver and the Riace coffee table from Julian Chichester and you’re onto a winner. www.portaromana.com

4. Sustainability
As we are seeing more and more fashion companies incorporate recycled plastic and other damaging materials into their products, so too are we seeing this trend move into the interior design industry. According to Green Peace right now an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans each year. That’s a truck load of rubbish a minute. Furniture is now being designed with a purpose in mind and made entirely from recycled and environmentally friendly materials.
You may think that environmentally friendly products for your home have that certain ‘look’ and we know exactly what you mean however, 2019 is all about re-inventing this notion and creating products which are slicker, and more elegant than ever before.
Ways in which you can be eco-friendlier when decorating your home include choosing re-claimed wood, fabrics made from recycled plastic and to opt for manufacturers in your country to minimise the carbon footprint of shipping items from abroad.
Kitchens are one areas of the home which demand many unsustainable products. If opting for a glass splash back in your kitchen, for example, then choose Bio-glass, a recycled glass. For kitchen surfaces granite and other stone may appear to deliver the beauty of nature, but the earth will never recover from the devastation this industry leaves behind. UrbnRok take waste products, such as glass bottles, and transform them into high-quality surfaces which are both slick and elegant. www.urbnrok.co.uk For a budget friendly kitchen try Howdens who recycles 97% of all manufacturing waste. For more info visit www.howdens.com
Cork, an extremely sustainable product, is something we will see much more of this year and can be used as flooring as well as furniture and accessories. Check out the Conran Shop for more ideas. www.conranshop.co.uk

5. Bringing the outdoors in
This trend is repeated year on year and seems to be something which we are constantly striving to achieve in our homes. If you live in a city, like I do, then you will understand the insatiable desire for clean, fresh air. Nothing compares to the first deep inhale you take when you enter the countryside. That immediate sense of rejuvenation and reawakening of your mind and body (and if we are really pushing this hyperbolic roll then your soul too…) comes directly from the pure, beautiful air.
Apart from combating climate change and conserving energy, trees also clean air and provide oxygen. That’s why, in 2019, we will be incorporating potted trees and plants into our projects. Right now, our favourite indoor tree is the Fiddle Leaf tree with its large fiddle shaped leaves which are both contemporary and mid-century-esq. Another classic is the Olive Tree, which will transport you straight to the Med even in the deepest darkest depths of December. Primrose is a budget friendly supplier of plants and you can dress these up with beautiful planters from Cox & Cox and Rocket St George.